How to Draw Dresses Step by Step for Beginner

Do you know that to be a professional fashion designer we must have a basic skill to draw the clothes sketch? Well, this is a main reason why most fashion designers should take a formal education to get that skill. Fashion design school must give the students some basic and advance theories in order to they have required skills to be a professional fashion designers. This theory and skill will be combined with exercise, practice and experience so that the students will know the real face of fashion world. Unfortunately, not all people who have much interest into fashion world can take a formal education to be a professional fashion designer with enough skill and theory. Money becomes the most popular reason why they can not take the formal education. Well, at least they must know simple tutorial of how to draw dresses step by step without taking any related education.

How to Draw Dresses Step by Step Tutorial

Don’t worry about the money which can not bring you as a certified fashion designer. Becoming self learner is a better way to be an experienced fashion designer. You are even able to defeat the certified fashion designer with your higher experiences in creating new and popular fashion trends. Now, we are going to give you a simple tutorial of how to draw dresses step by step. To make a dress or all clothes design sketches, there are some tools that must be prepared. They

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are paper, tracing paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, and some colorful pen to beautify your sketches. The way of how to draw dress sketch is so simple. In this condition, magazine becomes essential media to give you much inspiration about recent fashion trend.

How to Draw Dresses Step by Step Template

How to Draw Dresses Step by Step Image

Since we don’t have any skill in draw, choose a picture from magazine to trace. We only have to draw the silhouette of the model from magazine onto a paper. This simple tracing can be a basic shape of your original dress sketch. The next step of how to draw dresses step by step is by drawing neckline, sleeves, dress skirt cut, embellishment and ornament concept on the traced picture. Once it has been finished, we can color every part of the dress sketch with pencil color.

How to Draw Dresses Step by Step Fashion

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