Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for Sexy Look

Dark brown hair with highlights especially in brighter scheme will be a great solution to make your sexier in daily appearance. Well, being sexier is not always identical with blonde hair. Having dark brown hair even gives us a big challenge to be hotter than blonde hair can do. Nowadays, there are many ways to get that sexier look with dark brown hair no matter what the hair type is. It may be long, short, curly, straight even wavy with medium length of hair. Highlight is dyed on the dark brown hair to make such a focal point on the hair. It is actually the simplest way to beautify the hair without hair accessory.

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Style

However, applying the highlight on the dark brown hair is as easy as cutting your hair. We can do the highlight by ourselves at home or even with help in hair beauty salon. Basic action that should be done related to style the dark brown hair with highlights is keeping the brown hair healthy. This action only requires regular treatment such as washing and combing your hair. For better result of healthy dark brown hair, don’t be afraid to try some trusted hair treatment products like conditioner and leave on. At least we can use shampoo twice to three times a week when we are going to keep it clean from oil and dust. Conditioner is perfect treatment to keep your hair smooth and healthy. You can treat the hair with conditioner twice once or twice a week after wash your hair. The next action is applying leave on to keep your hair tidy and healthier though you often spend your day under the sunlight.

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Short

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Sexy

Those three basic hair treatment actions are possible to do when we have applied dark brown hair with highlights. Ensure to not periodically spray too much hair spray on your hair. Natural hair look will be more perfect to bring such sexier accent with the highlight without hair spray. To dye the highlight on your hair, try to find little part of hair on certain area you like. Since your hair is dark, don’t even apply darker highlight because we sure that it will not shown well among your brown hair.

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights 2013

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