Caramel Highlights Short Hair for Tiny Women

Having tiny body is kind of terrible condition for certain people especially women who have too tall boyfriends. Well, although it is something that must be thankful for, many women feel disappointed with this shorter body. That’s why they prefer to buy high heel shoes and sandals to hide their true height. Besides fashion application, hairstyle actually can influence the height effect of someone. The taller someone is, the longer hairstyle is recommended for her then. If you are one who has tiny body, short hair cutting style will help you to hide your height visually. And caramel highlights short hair will work better to make your appearance special.

Caramel Highlights Short Hair 2013

As we know in the previous article, caramel brown hair becomes the most natural brown hair among many Hollywood starts including Angelina Jolie and Kelly Clarkson. This kind of hair offers typical color scheme of autumn. Caramel hair color is sweet and general in the west and east sides of world. Furthermore, no matter what the style it is, caramel highlight is always suitable for any makeup and fashion trend in this modern era. And now, we have caramel highlights short hair to give taller effect on your tiny body. Basically, this tall effect is caused by the short hair cutting style. If your hair cut is short, it will display more skin on your neck. It means your neck will look taller so that your body also will look taller. Caramel highlight on dark or light brown hair is recommended to bring such elegant color effect on the hair when your head is shaking. The caramel highlight may look darker or lighter depending on the base hair color scheme. It will look darker if your hair is brighter such as blond or light brown and the other way around with the lighter look of highlight.

Caramel Highlights Short Hair Straight

Caramel Highlights Short Hair Random

Shaggy, bob and spiky are some short hair cut styles which are available to choose. They will give you a challenge to apply caramel highlights short hair elegantly. Apply the highlight randomly on your dark or light brown hair. It will make your hair look wet and always fresh for long tern hairstyle.

Caramel Highlights Short Hair Man

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